You & Your DSLR

  • Date: 25th Jan 2014 one day course

Do you own a digital SLR, but aren’t really sure what all the buttons and dials are for? Maybe you’ve been using one for years but just don’t quite feel that you’re getting the best out of it? Learn how to be in control of your camera and the pictures you make.

Progressing from the starter level, this course is designed specifically for Digital SLR owners, helping you go more in depth with your camera use, and teaching you everything you need to know about the capabilities of your camera.

During the session you will work in detail on aperture and shutter speed and how these affect your images, the functions your Digital SLR including metering, camera modes and focus points, learning how to avoid common mistakes. You will leave feeling confident in taking your camera of auto, and using your manual settings, giving you complete control over your images.

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